We have dedicated display areas and host a wide range of brands – catering across the board for fashion, style and budget. Our well-trained frame stylists will guide you through our extensive ranges which include:


Designer Eyewear

We only use the best lenses available, from our lens partners Zeiss, Hoya, Essilor and Luxotica. Following your eye exam, the optometrist will determine your best visual correction. Our trained optometric assistants will then advise you on the best lens, not only for the frame that you have chosen, but also for the prescription that you require.


Moffatt Optical offers spectacles that feature:

Anti-reflection coating

This is a multi-layered coating which eliminates reflections and enhances vision – especially for computer use and night vision. The anti-reflection coating also makes lenses cosmetically more appealing as it removes all reflections from the lens surfaces.


These lenses are far more impact resistant than other plastic lenses, providing an exceptionally safe lens option for children and active people. And since the material is lighter and thinner than standard plastic and glass lenses, it becomes a better option for high prescriptions and rimless and semi-rimless frames.



The photo changeable lenses are effective and convenient in any light. They are clear indoors and in low light conditions and tint dark in bright light conditions. Transitions® are 100% UV protective.


Polarized lenses

Polarized lenses have a unique chemical film coating that helps eliminate or reduce glare. Glare is caused when light from the sun is reflected off water or a solid surface.


UV coating

UV rays are invisible but can cause serious problems to the eyes. The coating protects the eyes from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.



Lens Designs

Hard coating

This coating protects plastic lens surfaces, making them more scratch resistant.


Bifocal (two focal lengths – separated by a line)

Bifocal lenses correct for distance at the top and reading at the bottom. The reading portion is found in a defined semi-circle at the bottom of the lens.

Please note, seamless bifocals, or bifocals without a line, are now available at Moffatt Optical. They are especially suited for wrap around frames.


Multifocal (multiple focal lengths)

Multifocal lenses are also known as Varifocals or Progressive lenses. These lenses are the lens of choice for virtually anyone who needs corrective lenses to see distant objects clearly (due to near-sightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism) and also needs lenses for reading. Moreover, modern progressive lenses are preferred for anyone who wants the latest technology in multifocal vision correction and who also wants the most appealing eyeglasses possible with no old-fashioned lines in the lenses.

Custom designed Multifocal lenses incorporate every individual’s unique data together with their visual needs.


Office/enhanced lenses

These digital lenses offer assistance to “younger” people who are studying or with near activity/constant computer demands.


Anti Fatigue™

This patented lens provides a greater level of comfort for the wearer by relieving symptoms of visual fatigue as typically found in circumstances of long periods of computer work, reading and studying.


Contact Lenses

We stock the widest range of disposable contact lenses from trusted suppliers.

Contact lens technology has made major advances over the last few years. Where previously the standard short-sighted and long-sighted prescriptions, we are now able to dispense contact lenses to compensate for people with astigmatism (TORIC contact lenses) and people over the age of forty with reading problems (MULTIFOCAL contact lenses).

Free trials are available under certain conditions and we offer a variety of options, which will be discussed with the patients to suit their individual needs.